Smoking cessation

A photo of stop smoking sign outside one of our hospitals

Barts Health is a smoke-free health provider. This means that smoking or use of electronic cigarettes is not permitted anywhere on our sites/grounds. That includes our hospital and health centre buildings, as well as their grounds, doorways and entrances. We also ask you respectfully not to smoke when hospital staff visit your home; whilst staff are in your home it is their working environment and should be smoke-free.  As a healthcare provider it’s important we do everything we can to reduce smoking among patients, visitors, staff and the risk of harm to others.

Expert advice, support and encouragement

You can access free  stop smoking services which provide expert advice, support and encouragement from specialist practitioners to help you stop smoking for good.

Your doctor, nurse or therapist should ask about your smoking status and offer a referral to a stop smoking service. If you are an inpatient, you should also be offered nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) to help manage any nicotine cravings you may have while in hospital. . 

You can ask your health care professional to refer you to your local stop smoking service, or access the stop smoking clinics below.

Stop Smoking London

There is a stop smoking London portal and telephone support (Tel: 0300 123 1044) for all Londoners. Open Monday to Friday 9am-8pm; Saturdays and Sundays 11am-4pm.